The perspective on this path.

I usually don’t write anything personal on Facebook. I use it to toot my horn about my band or gigs. It’s about the advertising. I know I’m not a big deal. I’m an okay self taught singer and guitar player. Love songs to the people is what I can do. I crawl up out of my self absorbed dark pit of indecision and nihilism and realize I’m privileged to to be able to contribute some love and goodness to people. I only do love songs. The reality is in order to get through whatever happens next we are going to have to love each other more to survive. That means I have to love you. It’s a verb. I have to love you enough to sing love songs so maybe you’ll get it and love someone. 

Every gig is the last gig. Every gig is the first gig. Every gig is starting at zero. The stuff I’ve learned has got me this far. It’s not about applause, attention, fame or money. It’s a lost cause decorating time with notes and words to give voice to the love that we all need to live on. I’m standing on the shoulders of the people who have sacrificed so I could be this, do this. I’m not telling you to come see my show because I’m the super hot shit everything amaze ball performer with the miracle guitar solo. I just play guitar and sing.

I’ll do my best to bring the love to you. I’ll keep on trying. There’s only one planet and we’re all in this together. I love you. 

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