Back in the game.

We’re coming back to gig at the Eagles Club in October.  Same players. Tony, Bruce and Keith. We’ll see how it goes from there.  Been thru a ton of changes. Been in the woodshed trying to figure out my music. My voice. My guitar. I don’t have to do anything for money. I don’t have to sing and play for money. I can play and sing what I want to learn. Try new things. Go and hang. I would like to do this gig better than before. I’d like to really do it well. I’ve got a bunch of material that is very challenging so I have to reach to improve. I decided that each song we do has to have personal meaning to me. If a song doesn’t entertain me it probably won’t entertain anyone else. I’ve been trying for something different with this band. I’m trying to bring my feelings to the music and have the audience connect to the music and the feeling. It’s the only real way to do it. Time off has given me a new perspective on how I want to do this work. Can’t be the same old. So it’s a new day. Trying to keep my head together and put in the work to make it go.