A Good Love Song

People ask me” When is your CD coming out?” When I get it done is the usual answer. There are some songs in this collection which are so emotionally true and good, I’m amazed and gratified that the process has worked so well and the idea that was in my head is actually what is on the track. Other songs are less serious, novelty songs or story songs. Some romantic. Some honoring others or a moment in time. Taken as a group they are a portrait of who I am and how I feel and think. It’s a scary thing to put who I am out there. But it is the only real gift I can give as a songwriter. To be real and put it out there.

       If a CD falls in the woods does anybody hear it?  Performing is totally different than writing and recording. Performing is all emotion and energy. The effort is time based and when the gig is done it’s done. Recording and writing is about putting the song in a machine and trying to get the performance and message to come through. This requires a skillset and detachment that is impossible in performance.

      At this point in my musical career I can tell if what I write or perform is good or if it sucks. Production values can polish up a lame song, but in the end it’s not sticky and it’s still a lame song. Not everything I write is great and I have to accept that. Because I’ll never get to the great songs if I don’t write the bad ones out of my system. It would be swell if everything I write and perform is flawless and beautiful. Perfection might occur in the next life, but not on Planet Joe.

      There a million people who will tell you how to be financially successful in music. But a big part of that success means selling your time to get the money and approval. This has nothing to do with writing a good song. If anything its a deal killer. I’m just trying to write and sing a good love song.  Hopefully that’s what will be there when it’s all done. A good love song.