Songwriting will kick your ass.

It’s 6pm after an eight hour work day which was real busy. I sit down to cut a comp vocal at the secret studio. 10 takes to edit to make a good lead vocal from. It’s starts to go bad right away when the phone buzzes with a text about a gig I can’t do, but I have to take the time and answer it anyway. I text him back and start cutting the comp. Time gets eaten like candy working on music so I push to get thru it before I daze out. I get a completed track and start mixing it in.

   As it goes along I’m hearing it not work. Damn! So, I tweak it a little more. 8 o’clock then I try this and this and it kinda works but I play it back and. nope. not. good.  Maybe I pitch it here and here and. nope. Shit! By 8:30 I’m sucked down the rabbit hole. At 9:30 I give up. The song is on me like a bad movie on a first date. I bail out.

   Now it’s 4 days later and I think I know the problem. But I’ll have to resing it and change some lyrics to see if it will go. Maybe it will. This is not the first time I’ve had a song go wrong. I’ve been painted into this creative corner before. The song isn’t done until it’s done. It can’t be faked. So you say you want to be a songwriter? Go ahead, try it. Songwriting will kick your ass.

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