“My mind is going through them changes” Buddy Miles

I’m about four songs into the rough mixes for this next CD release. Twelve songs to go. Not all of them will make it to the mixdown and master. Been jamming time in to mix between work days, family stuff, mowing the lawn. You know. Normal stuff.

     Working on original songs that you have been the singer, writer, guitar player, arranger, chart scribbler, recording  supervisor, gear hauler, assistant engineer and scratch mix editor is not normal. Blowing into Paisley and rolling tracks until 9 in the morning isn’t normal either. But being the Artist is not a luxury of excess I can afford. I get an hour here and hour there to mix.

     My dreams, (not my hey have a hit record and be famous dreams), but my sleeping dreams are odd. It’s new dream territory where everything is much more colorful and nothing makes sense. It’s not even like a code telling me I ate too may tacos and that’s why I dreamed this wack stuff. It’s new. Nothing I’ve dreamed before.

     I knew this record was going to put me through changes, but they haven’t been what I expected. I’m letting go of what I thought the music was. Letting go of what I thought I was. I’m waiting for the title track to say “I’m here go in this direction!” Which will inform the other jobs of photo model, CD art stylist, track order and what to put on the one sheet. Do they still do one sheets anymore? This is why there is a music industry. Too many jobs for one brain to handle. 

     All I know for sure is that I won’t be the same after this project is wrapped up. Got to let the little songs fly out and go on their own. Once it’s done I’ll know what all these changes are for. But meanwhile, my mind is going through them changes.