After the Christmas Show.

There’s this one regular who gives me cards and checks for tips at the gig. I’m fairly sure this person is not rich and lives on a fixed income. The tips are generous. Very Generous. Having this kind of support is so unusual and surprising. The Christmas show was a longtime desire of mine to do. Just playing┬áthe tunes with the band and singing the songs was fulfilling. But the response from the people and this special supporter made me think about how I don’t really understand how this musical and social experiment wrapped up as a dance band on once-a-month Wednesdays affects people. I know how it affects me. Stage fright, Rehearsals, Planning! I breathe and have feelings because I have to breathe to sing. It’s unavoidable. I never thought I had an effect on others because of the music. Perhaps I’m not as alone on this musical path as I often feel I am.